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Thursday, February 1, 2024

At Guardian Tactical Institute, we realize that protecting yourself and your family is not only necessary in today's world, but a right. We offer conceal carry classes so you can apply to obtain your Illinois conceal carry permit.
The Illinois State Police (ISP) requires 16 hours of training to qualify for the Illinois CCW permit.
Classes are usually held on a Saturday and broken up to two different dates with the first class being classroom instruction*. The second class is classroom and range qualification as required by the ISP, which includes training and a live-fire qualification. We also will be offering the 3 hour renewal course.

To expedite your application process for your CCW permit, you may consider obtaining your fingerprints (live-scan) prior to the completion of the CCW class.  

We also offer training for basic or intermediate gun handling and tactical shooting.  The training is designed to give you the necessary knowledge to improve your skills that is not offered during the concealed carry classes. 

Your instructor, Dale Fildes, is a retired police officer and has been a firearms instructor for over 20 years. The training will better prepare you for today's activities and challenges you will face, legally and tactically. We strive to give you the essential skills and knowledge to guard yourself and your family against harm.

We are accepting pre-registration for upcoming classes, with dates and location to be announced for Summer 2024. Please check for class notifications on the right.  The course fee does not include the State of Illinois permit/application fee of $150.00 for residents and $300 for non-residents. Those fees are paid separately.  Students must be 21 years old and possess or be able to obtain a valid Illinois FOID card.

 To pre-register, send an email to guardiantacticalinstitute@gmail.com .

Include your full Name and Contact phone number.

Cost of the 2-day Illinois CCW course is $125.00.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to sign up for class.  The remaining balance is to be paid prior to the start of
the course.

We look forward to instructing you.

Be Safe,

Guardian Tactical Institute
Tenzero Industries, LLC
Rockford, Illinois  61114

*Those who have already taken a qualifying courses and/or are planning on taking an approved courses will be given credit for those hours towards the necessary 16 hours requirement (Illinois only). Please advise us in advance if any of these apply to you to make sure you have the correct certification.