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Friday, May 15, 2020

COVID 19 UPDATE / Training Classes

Illinios has slowly began to lift restrictions and set standard guidelines to follow to resume some business operations.

I know several of you are looking forward to obtaining your Concealed Carry permit and have waited patiently for classes to resume.

I have decided to RESUME training classes with restrictions and will release a training date very soon.  I am working out dates with my classroom training facility and range facility.

I expect a date in early June for the first resumed class.   The next class will be in July.  All class will be limited in size and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  I have a list of those that have previously contacted me.  I will be contacting each of you to determine if you can attend the date I have available.

Please note that social distancing guidelines will be followed and use of facemasks will be required when within 6 ft of each other.  Classroom and range setups will keep this in mind for training purposes.
More details will be sent once you are scheduled for class.

If you plan to attend one of my upcoming classes, please note the following expectations:

- You must bring your own face mask/covering and use it when required. 

- You must be on time for each training day.   There is high demand for this training. Failure to show up will result in loss of payment.  No refunds.

- You must provide your own weapon and holster.  No rentals will be available.

- You must provide your own ammunition.  I understand this is in high demand.  I have a few sources and will work with you on this.  If you are considering a class this year, start looking for ammo yesterday. 

-You must sign a release of liability prior to any training.

- The state of Illinois is extremely behind processing FOID card requests and Concealed Carry Permits.  Understand that it may take more than 190 days to obtain your CCW permit to be able to carry legally.  This is outside of our control.   

- You will receive basic handgun handling and training.  If you wish to have more detailed training, please contact me for a private training session prior to the CCW class.

Please understand that we are in unique times and I am trying to accommodate where/when I can.  This can be challenging and a great learning opportunity for all of us.  Your Safety is my number one goal.

More updates will be posted when available.

To pre-register for the July 2020 class, send an email with your full name to:

Be safe,

Dale Fildes, Instructor
Guardian Tactical Institute

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